Effect of Savings on a Gas-Like Model Economy with Credit and Debt [post]

Guillermo Chacón-Acosta, Vanessa Ángeles-Sánchez
2021 unpublished
In this work, we apply ensemble formalism to a geometric agents model to study the effect of saving propensity in a system with money, credit, and debt. We calculate the partition function to obtain the total money of the system, with which we give an interpretation of the economic temperature in terms of the different payment methods available to the agents. We observe an interplay between the fraction of money that agents can save and the debt that can be financed. We also observe that the
more » ... tem’s entropy increases as the saved proportion increases and increases, even more, when debt is present.
doi:10.20944/preprints202101.0044.v1 fatcat:q343wdcqi5dy3jvmmd2umajmyq