Giant cell tumor of the cervical spine: review and case report

Natally Marques Santiago, Adelmo Ferreira, Gilberto Otta, Adriano Torres Antonucci, Bruno Oliveira Azevedo, Luiz Henrique Garcia Lopes, Pedro Garcia Lopes
2012 Brazilian Neurosurgery  
AbstractThe giant cell tumor of bone is a primary neoplasm, which can be locally aggressive, benign or low grade malignant tumors, that is uncommon in the vertebrae above the sacrum and even more rare in the cervical spine. Tumor radical excision, "en bloc" is considered the ideal treatment, however frequently not doable, mainly in the cervical spine due to critical neurovascular structures involvement. Adjuvant radiotherapy can be used in cases of subtotal resection or tumor relapse, lowering
more » ... ecurrence rates of the tumor. Case report: female patient, 25 years-old, presenting with cervical pain e sensitivity disturbance in her left arm, with diagnosis of bone neoplasm in C3-C5. She underwent subtotal resection of the lesion, confirming the diagnostic of giant cell tumor of bone, cervical spine arthrodesis and adjuvant radiotherapy. On 30-month follow-up, she was out of pain complains with total recovery of the left arm sensibility.
doi:10.1055/s-0038-1625746 fatcat:w2rkfbxfvvgm5gmv2bnrgdyyem