Hadrian'S Arches From Roman Period, Jordan: A Comparative Study

Mohammad Nassar
2014 Zenodo  
This article provides a study of Hadrian arches from three main locations: Jordan, Turkey, and Greece. Collectively within these countries, four arches have been found the Hadrian arch at Jerash (Gerasa) in Jordan, the Hadrian arch in Antalya and Ephesus, both in Turkey, and the Hadrian arch in Athens, Greece. The units of our analysis include all the different designs and plans used in constructing these arches. The analyzed design and planning units constitute a database that enables the
more » ... ification of similarities and differences between these four arches. The study included is descriptions of the arches, which are then compared with one another. Although many can be found from the time of the Roman Emperors in the Eastern and Western Roman Provinces. It is generally considered that the Hadrian Period is one of the more important Roman periods, something evident through that period's architectural elements and decorations. Though we only find the Hadrian's Arches at four locations, there are many locations where we can find such Hadrian building as baths or theaters, and others coming from the time of this emperor's reign. This article has examined the architectural elements and decorations found on the Hadrian's Arches, as well as other buildings dating from the Roman period, both in the Near East and elsewhere.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.14330 fatcat:vkuigdanjrbvjom4hvghs36gfi