Psychrometric chart as a basis for outdoor thermal analysis

Mansoureh Tahbaz
2011 International Journal of Architectural Engineering & Urban Planning   unpublished
Preparing thermal comfort conditions in outdoor public spaces is one of the considerations of architectural design. If the constructed area does not support comfortable conditions in outdoor spaces, it will cause microclimatic problems for pedestrians and adjacent buildings. Regarding the different thermal comfort conditions in outdoor spaces in comparison with indoor, several indices have been produced for outdoor thermal analysis during recent decades. The different methodology and approach
more » ... logy and approach to these indices have provided a diverse set of responses to thermal prediction of outdoor spaces. This diversity has made it difficult for architects to decide how to use these indices in outdoor design strategies. To provide a same basis to compare these results, this article will introduce each index with its definition, its basic calculation method, and its thermal condition categories. Following these information a psychometric chart that is provided by the author, shows its thermal categories as a graphic method. Using this psychometrics for thermal analysis will make it easy to compare different indices and their outdoor thermal predictions. Those architects, who are familiar with Building Bioclimatic Chart of Givoni for analyzing indoor thermal conditions, will find this method easy and practical for analyzing outdoor thermal condition by choosing an appropriate index.