Derivation of continuum stochastic equations for discrete growth models

Su-Chan Park, Doochul Kim, Jeong-Man Park
2001 Physical review. E, Statistical physics, plasmas, fluids, and related interdisciplinary topics  
We present a formalism to derive the stochastic differential equations (SDEs) for several solid-on-solid growth models. Our formalism begins with a mapping of the microscopic dynamics of growth models onto the particle systems with reactions and diffusion. We then write the master equations for these corresponding particle systems and find the SDEs for the particle densities. Finally, by connecting the particle densities with the growth heights, we derive the SDEs for the height variables.
more » ... ght variables. Applying this formalism to discrete growth models, we find the Edwards-Wilkinson equation for the symmetric body-centered solid-on-solid (BCSOS) model, the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation for the asymmetric BCSOS model and the generalized restricted solid-on-solid (RSOS) model, and the Villain--Lai--Das Sarma equation for the conserved RSOS model. In addition to the consistent forms of equations for growth models, we also obtain the coefficients associated with the SDEs.
doi:10.1103/physreve.65.015102 pmid:11800720 fatcat:v37z65g7tfcbjd6wszv7ah653i