The color dipole picture of the Drell–Yan process

B.Z. Kopeliovich, J. Raufeisen, A.V. Tarasov
2001 Physics Letters B  
At high energies, Drell-Yan (DY) dilepton production viewed in the target rest frame should be interpreted as bremsstrahlung and can be expressed in terms of the same color dipole cross section as DIS. We compute DY cross sections on a nucleon target with the realistic parameterization for the dipole cross section saturated at large separations. The results are compared to experimental data and predictions for RHIC are presented. The transverse momentum distribution of the DY process is
more » ... ed and energy growth is expected to be steeper at large than at small transverse momenta. We also calculate the DY angular distribution and investigate deviations from the 1+cos^2(\theta) shape.
doi:10.1016/s0370-2693(01)00214-3 fatcat:wvdlke6i3rdh7ehf42x42lalhq