Twin Data: The Lives That Drive the Findings/Twin Research Reviews: Twin Concordance for Kleine–Levin Syndrome; Twin Study of Political Discussion; Twin Relationship Quality and Urinary Cortisol Level; Twin Research Guide/In the News: Twins' Same Day Deliveries; Death of a Twin Holocaust Survivor; Identical Vindman Twins; Twin Festival in France; Tiniest Twins

Nancy L. Segal
2020 Twin Research and Human Genetics  
Twin data and the results generated by research are driven by the behavioral and physical attributes of twin participants. However, many investigators working with twin data have limited personal contact with actual twin-pairs. This situation may be limiting with respect to interpretation of results and formulation of new hypotheses. In an attempt to rectify this issue, key aspects of the interconnected lives of co-twins in three monozygotic male twin-pairs are presented. The section that
more » ... section that follows includes a review of twin research on Kleine–Levin syndrome, political discussion, twin relationship quality and urinary cortisol level, and guidelines for determining sample sizes. The final part of this report presents twin-related news items relating to twins' same day deliveries, death of a twin Holocaust survivor, the Vindman twins, a twin festival in France and the tiniest twins on record.
doi:10.1017/thg.2020.9 pmid:32228740 fatcat:flr3iwbhmbbmjm2p364cwxtdou