The Study of Heat Resistant Aluminum Alloy with CrW Homogeneous Solid Solution
CrW 전율고용체 첨가 내열 알루미늄 합금에 관한 연구

Jin-Pyeong Kim, Si-Young Sung, Beom-Suck Han, Sang-Ho Kim
2013 Journal of the Korea Foundry Society  
Recently, heat-resistant aluminum alloy has been re-focused as a downsizing materials for the internal combustion engines. Heatresistant Al alloy development and many researches are still ongoing for the purpose of improving thermal stability, high-temperature mechanical strength and fatigue properties. The conventional principle of heat-resistant Al alloy is the precipitation of intermetallic compounds by adding a variety of elements is generally used to improve the mechanical properties of Al
more » ... al properties of Al alloys. Heat resistant aluminum alloys have been produced by CrW homogeneous solid solution to overcome the limit of conventional heat resistant aluminum alloy. From EPMA, it is found that CrW homogeneous soild solution phases with the size of 50-100 µm have been dispersed uniformly, and there is no reaction between aluminum and CrW alloy. In addition, after maintaining at high temperature of 573 K, there is no growth of hardening phase, nor desolved, but CrW still exists as a homogeneous solid solution.
doi:10.7777/jkfs.2013.33.3.122 fatcat:paanlrq3brdchecodqt6w3zugm