Complete Vol 11 (2003)

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2003 Fontanus  
Fontanus was created as a result of the initiative of Dr. Hans Moller, who edited the first nine volumes. Dr. Montague Cohen of the McGill Physics Department took over as editor for the tenth. This eleventh volume was delayed owing to Dr. Cohen's final illness. I was asked to take over as Acting Editor in February 2002 to bring Dr. Cohen's work to publication. This was complicated by difficulties in assembling all the material in Dr. Cohen's office and assessing its completeness. I am grateful
more » ... o Elizabeth Shearon of Dr. Cohen's department for all her efforts in finding documentation. I am equally grateful to the group of 'rescuers', who agreed to help me in this endeavour and whose names appear as members of the Editorial Committee. This issue includes the seven complete articles that we found and prepared for publication, as well as an index to the first ten volumes and tributes to Dr. Cohen and a benefactress, Miss Margery Trenholme. One fragment that could not be included here is Dr. Cohen's fourth and last article in a series on the Sir Ernest Rutherford correspondence, which we hope may be finished and published in a later issue of Fontanus. Dr. Cohen's name appears as Editor for this issue and we hope it will stand in tribute to his memory. lohn Hobbins
doi:10.26443/fo.v11i.246 fatcat:44apaxtjxzenddbnx3kjdbcbp4