A Influência da Força Muscular do Assoalho Pélvico no Grau de Satisfação Sexual Feminina

A.S.S. Camargo, R.R. Nunes, A.S. Yamada, M.L.R.G. Adorno
2016 Revista Amazônia: Science & Health  
Sexuality is a broad and complex process. For the World Health Organization, 2009 (WHO), sexual happiness is an inseparable condition of the general health condition and in this context urogynecology Physiotherapy takes unique importance with the possibility, by strengthening the pelvic floor, get improved female sexual satisfaction. Objective: To analyze the effect of strengthening the pelvic floor in improved sexual satisfaction of women. Material and Methods: A study of the experimental type
more » ... with pre-and post-test was performed, and three patients were followed, two underwent normal childbirth and the caesarean section. The treatment protocol established, comprised kinesiotherapy and electrostimulation. Results: With treatment, the three volunteers started to contract the pelvic floor muscles accurately, facilitating and improving sexual satisfaction. In this study no relationship was observed between the type of delivery and sexual satisfaction. However, the patients who underwent normal delivery referred loss of vaginal sensitivity returned to the treatment. Final Thoughts: It can be inferred that the studied patients, improved sexual satisfaction was due to the muscular strength of the pelvic floor, and missing the connection between the type of delivery and sexual satisfaction. It can be considered that the urogynecological physical therapy can be a resource to be used for improvement in sexual satisfaction. However, new studies are needed with larger samples for possible evidence of the relationship.
doi:10.18606/2318-1419/amazonia.sci.health.v4n2p2-8 fatcat:nzv45y6uovdghmnz5majiibn7e