The TRIM-NHL protein NHL-2 is a Novel Co-Factor of the CSR-1 and HRDE-1 22G-RNA Pathways [article]

Peter R Boag, Gregory M Davis, Shikui Tu, Rhys N Colson, Joshua W. T. Anderson, Menachem J Gunzburg, Michelle A Francisco, Debashish Ray, Tuhin Maity, Monica Z Wu, Quaid D Morris, Timothy R Hughes (+3 others)
2018 bioRxiv   pre-print
Proper regulation of germline gene expression is essential for fertility and maintaining species integrity. In the C. elegans germline, a diverse repertoire of regulatory pathways promote the expression of endogenous germline genes and limit the expression of deleterious transcripts to maintain genome homeostasis. Here we show that the conserved TRIM-NHL protein, NHL-2, plays an essential role in the C. elegans germline, modulating germline chromatin and meiotic chromosome organization. We
more » ... er a role for NHL-2 as a co-factor in both positively (CSR-1) and negatively (HRDE-1) acting germline 22G-small RNA pathways and the somatic nuclear RNAi pathway. Furthermore, we demonstrate that NHL-2 is a bona fide RNA binding protein and, along with RNA-seq data point to a small RNA independent role for NHL-2 in regulating transcripts at the level of RNA stability. Collectively, our data implicate NHL-2 as an essential hub of gene regulatory activity in both the germline and soma.
doi:10.1101/260240 fatcat:nuy6amr6off6fd7s547wfybt5q