Editorials and Medical Intelligence

1859 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
In our issue of the 19th ult., we published the reply of Dr. Henry Miller, of Louisville, Ky., to an editorial article which appeared in our pages May 5th, entitled " Ovariotomy-Its Statistics and Rate of Mortality." We now tender our thanks to Dr. Miller for tho courteous and kindly manner in which his letter is couched-and wc would that all our correspondence wore conceived in so gentlemanlike a spirit and communicated in equally scholarly terms and style. Such is not always tho good fortune
more » ... s tho good fortune of any editors-wo cannot expect to prove an exception. The solo question remaining to be decided, so far as any discussion is now pending between Dr. Miller and ourselves, relates, as that gentleman very properly says, to the priority in performing the operation of Ovariotomy. Dr. Miller claims the priority for Dr. Ephraim McDowell, of Kentucky-we can hardly seo any reason for denying it to L'Aumônier, who has hitherto been accredited with the distinction. It is not merely upon the fact of the French surgeon's having enjoyed the reputation of being the first ovariotomist, however, that his claim can justly bo founded. Many a man has occupied a similar position in respect to some reputed discovery or contrivance, who yet has been afterward proved not to have been the originator of lite scheme. We think that Dr. Miller.is right in bringing the question, as he does, to the test, by appealing to the essence of the operationthat is, what constitutes Ovariotomy? This is his position, if we rightly understand him. Now, Dr. Miller does not allow that the ablation trious and valuable writer. Any perVersion or garbling of his sentiineiils ami opinions, we arc glad to contribute our share in " showing up " to the profession.
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