Concurrent manipulation of binary search trees

H. T. Kung, Philip L. Lehman
1980 ACM Transactions on Database Systems  
The concurrent manipulation of a binary search tree is considered in this paper. The systems presented can support any number of concurrent processes which perform searching, insertion, deletion, and rotation (reorganization) on the tree, but allow any process to lock only a constant number of nodes at any time. Also, in the systems, searches are essentially never blocked. The concurrency control techniques introduced in the paper include the use of special nodes and pointers to redirect
more » ... to redirect searches, and the use of copies of sections of the tree to introduce many changes simultaneously and therefore avoid unpredictable interleaving. Methods developed in this paper may provide new insights into other problems in the area of concurrent database manipulation.
doi:10.1145/320613.320619 fatcat:be6zalh3u5fqxmxoa626e4zcmq