Voltage and current disturbances elimination with reactive power compensation using unified power quality conditioner

T. Benslimane, K. Aliouane, B. Chetate
International Symposium on Power Electronics, Electrical Drives, Automation and Motion, 2006. SPEEDAM 2006.  
This paper presents a study on the harmonic depollution of the electric power network as well as the compensation of reactive power by Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) (Parallel[2] and Series[1] Association Active Filters). The presentation of the system of filtering starts initially with the presentation of the modeling of the whole of the system (electrical network, polluting load and unified power quality conditioner. In the second place, the principle of identification by the
more » ... ation by the trigonometric method for harmonic voltages and instantaneous real and imaginary powers method for harmonic currents are developed, followed by the presentation of the hysteresis strategy control applied on the two inverters of the conditioner. The following part is devoted to the presentation of regulation system of the terminal condenser voltage of the autonomous conditioner. At the end are presented the digital simulation results. Index Terms--Voltage and current disturbances, Unified power quality conditioner, Parallel active filter, Series active filter, Two level voltage inverter, Reactive power, Hysteresis Control.
doi:10.1109/speedam.2006.1649875 fatcat:ys35cvhj6fhnzeiar4cqbi77h4