Preliminary Report of the Commission appointed by the University of Pennsylvania to investigate Modern Spiritualism in accordance with the Request of the late Henry Seybert. Philadelphia, Lippincott, 12

J. Jastrow
1887 Science  
SCIENCE. healthy condition, their flesh proves to be tender, juicy beef, but not so firm or so sweet and well flavored as if wholly fed on grain, or even grass. The second-class beef is from animals wholly confined in these large distilleries, fed the greater portion on swill, with plenty of hay, and occasionally a little grain. I might add, that the Northern distillery swill is of a superior quality to that which is run into troughs at the various distilleries where it is sold by the hogshead
more » ... r other particular quantities. These Northern distilleries own both the swill and the cattle, and the quantity of swill made by them is fed up clean. This second class of animals, although they may be fat, produce a softer quality of beef, not so well flavored, but juicy and tender. When they are slaughtered, the flesh will show or
doi:10.1126/science.ns-10.230.7 fatcat:i32wxckchjfhthpsaos6x2u6ju