Clinical observation of 50 cases of subconjunctival hemorrhage treated with Hexuemingmu tablets

Jing-Cai Liu, Yong-Wei Zhu, Ri-Hong Chen
誗 AIM: To observe the clinical effect of Hexuemingmu tablets for the treatment of subconjunctival hemorrhage, and to seek a treatment which can shorten the course of disease and improve the efficacy. 誗METHODS: Eighty-two (82 eyes) patients randomly received either Hexuemingmu tablets treatment (n = 50 cases) or Vitamin C treatment (n = 32 cases). Patients were treated with Hexuemingmu tablets (5 tablets) or Vitamin C (0. 2g) by oral drugs (3 times a day) respectively. They were clinical
more » ... . 誗 RESULTS: After 1 month, among 50 patients treated with Hexuemingmu tablets, 40 patients were cured, 7 patients were improved and 3 patients were invalid. The total effective rate was 94% (47 / 50). While in Vitamin C group, 32 patients were treated, 16 patients were cured, 9 patients were improved, and 7 patients were invalid. The total effective rate was 78% (25 / 32). There was a significant statistical difference between the two groups (P = 0. 015<0. 05) .