Strong Enhancement of SuperconductingTcin Ferromagnetic Phases

T. R. Kirkpatrick, D. Belitz, Thomas Vojta, R. Narayanan
2001 Physical Review Letters  
It is shown that the critical temperature for spin-triplet, p-wave superconductivity mediated by spin fluctuations is generically much higher in a Heisenberg ferromagnetic phase than in a paramagnetic one, due to the coupling of the magnons to the longitudinal magnetic susceptibility. Together with the tendency of the low-temperature ferromagnetic transition in very clean Heisenberg magnets to be of first order, this qualitatively explains the phase diagram recently observed in UGe_2.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.87.127003 pmid:11580542 fatcat:la7e3pwewzhmtiqmuljqp6bn7y