Arithmetic Integer Additive Set-Indexers of Graph Operations

2015 Journal of Advanced Research in Pure Mathematics  
An integer additive set-indexer is an injective function $f:V(G)\to 2^{\mathbb{N}_0}$ such that the induced function $g_f:E(G) \to 2^{\mathbb{N}_0}$ defined by $g_f (uv) = f(u)+ f(v)$ is also injective. A graph $G$ which admits an IASI is called an IASI graph. An arithmetic integer additive set-indexer is an integer additive set-indexer $f$, under which the set-labels of all elements of a given graph $G$ are arithmetic progressions. In this paper, we discuss about admissibility of arithmetic
more » ... ty of arithmetic integer additive set-indexers by certain graph operations and certain products of graphs.
doi:10.5373/jarpm.2053.052614 fatcat:evdu2p2vrzb77dm2ymxmnd4h6y