Single bump, two-color quantum dot camera

E. Varley, M. Lenz, S. J. Lee, J. S. Brown, D. A. Ramirez, A. Stintz, S. Krishna, Axel Reisinger, Mani Sundaram
2007 Applied Physics Letters  
The authors report a two-color, colocated quantum dot based imaging system used to take multicolor images using a single focal plane array ͑FPA͒. The dots-in-a-well ͑DWELL͒ detectors consist of an active region composed of InAs quantum dots embedded in In .15 Ga .85 As quantum wells. DWELL samples were grown using molecular beam epitaxy and fabricated into 320ϫ 256 focal plane arrays with indium bumps. The FPA was then hybridized to an Indigo ISC9705 readout circuit and tested. Calibrated
more » ... d. Calibrated blackbody measurements at a device temperature of 77 K yield midwave infrared and long wave infrared noise equivalent difference in temperature of ϳ55 and 70 mK.
doi:10.1063/1.2775087 fatcat:g2vm7obgzfgb3kvkv33lm5d2xe