Alcohol and its induced aura that imposed adverse effects on socio-economic, neurobehavioural and biological health in Indians

Rajesh Kori, Dr Deepak Gupta
2018 National Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development   unpublished
A chronic alcohol consumption (CAA) is a global problem for economic and health of an addicted person. The adverse effects of chronic and acute alcoholism have been started with short-term pleasant experience like a hangover, insanities extend with long-term addiction habits that lead to critical adverse health outcomes like cancer, a developmental disorder, neurobehavioural disorder (Depression, Anxiety, Impulsiveness, Aggression). Consequently, person entrapped with disorder riddle with
more » ... r riddle with imprudence, depressed, anxious, impaired decision slipped into the valley of detainment, loneliness state that trigger to think the permanent solution to pain or problem mostly that ends in different ways one might be initiated with suicidal ideation, suicidal attempts or suicide (inward aggression), another could be reclaimed criminal instincts or another criminal activity. Patterns of alcohol consumption also increase the risk of violence and the likelihood that aggressive behaviour will escalate. Beside the self-possessed adverse effects of alcoholism and its induce aura extends its boundaries to reflect more problems include economic losses, alcohol-related illness and injury, disruption of family and social relationships, emotional problems, impact on perceived health, violence and aggression, and legal problems. The purpose of the study was to accomplish most up-to-date, robust and reliable a wide range of systematic review that integrated alcoholism induces aura and its effects on intrinsic (health, genetic, psychological makeup) as well as extrinsic factors (family members, friends, social interaction) of alcohol intoxication. The limited studies carried out regarding alcoholic addict person correlated with lives of those around them and effects of alcoholism on the economic as well social vicinity. Therefore, this review provides unique literature, widest correlated factors regarding the alcoholism effects.