On-line Analysis for Agricultural Production Image Data

Ronghua Gao, Huarui Wu
2016 Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Electronics, Network and Computer Engineering (ICENCE 2016)   unpublished
Image plays an important role in agricultural production data. It is a good guidance that some valuable knowledge from that images by online analysis. As a crucial procedure in which images are divided into distinct non-overlapping regions and the interested objects are extracted in the process of image analyzing, image recognizing and image segmentation. Automatic object segmentation is a hard work, for it is difficult for a computer to determine which is objective and which is not automatic.
more » ... n this paper, the method of on-line analysis for agricultural production image data is proposed, and as an example image online segmentation based on frequency domain. An image transformation can be applied to an image to convert it from one domain to another. Viewing an image in domains such as frequency or Hough space enables the identification of features that may not be as easily detected in the spatial domain. Experimental results show that this method cannot only obtain a good result with general images, but also greatly reduce the computation cost for a large size image.
doi:10.2991/icence-16.2016.118 fatcat:b3ef6pzxx5alxjhgceecmnt3ni