The effects of stock type and radicle pruning on blue oak morphology and field performance

DD McCreary
1996 Annales des Sciences Forestieres  
— Blue oak (Quercus douglasii Hook & Arn) acorns were germinated and divided into three groups or stock types. The first group was directly sown in the field; the second was sown into containers and grown for 4 months before outplanting; and the third was grown for a year before outplanting. In addition, each of these groups was further divided into three radicle pruning treatments: i) radicles left intact; ii) 2-3 mm cut from radicle tip; and iii) radicles pruned back to 1 cm. Results
more » ... that radicle pruning dramatically altered the morphology of container seedlings, but had almost no effect on field performance. Stock type, however, dramatically influenced field growth and survival, with the directly sown acorns and the 4-month-old seedlings growing far faster than the 1-year-old seedlings. blue oak / radicle pruning / regeneration / seedling production / California
doi:10.1051/forest:19960242 fatcat:qbtyfaf7ejagxcrqxd27fmfy7m