Macro-I: instrumentation education with projects

S.A. Dyer, J.L. Schmalzel, R.R. Krchnavek, S.A. Mandayam
31st Annual Frontiers in Education Conference. Impact on Engineering and Science Education. Conference Proceedings (Cat. No.01CH37193)  
 We have developed pedagogical tools for the teaching of instrumentation grounded on the use of instrumentation projects. This approach provides students with a practical working knowledge of a wide range of topics. This paper describes our evolving approach to education that attempts to remain directed toward a systems-level view, thus the name "Macro" as in Macro-Instrumentation. The objectives of the approach focus on giving students the tools they need to understand and use relevant
more » ... use relevant theoretical and practical concepts, and to impart the background and motivation to encourage students to create useful electronic instruments. Specifically, we seek to (i) introduce fundamental concepts of a topic through the use of a systems view and the incorporation of instrumentation projects, and (ii) employ a project-based learning environment to increase motivation and to highlight instrumentation topics that are important and useful, and that may help integrate core content.
doi:10.1109/fie.2001.964028 fatcat:3qlxwr5a2vdj3obbrnmrukbxci