Species Diversity and Pedological Characteristics in Selected Sites of Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary, West Bengal, India

Debnath Palit, Arnab Banerjee
2013 Journal of Environment and Ecology  
The aim of the investigation was to analyze phytosociological characteristics and diversity pattern of subalpine evergreen forest of Senchal wildlife Sanctuary , Darjeeling, West Bengal,India. The results reflect dominancy of dicotyledons over monocotyledons in the four studied sites . Rangiroom beat shows higher diversity of species among the four studied sites. Maximum IVI value were recorded by Viola surpense ( 47.17) in Rambhi forest beat, Fragaria nubicola ( 63.87) in Rangiroom forest beat
more » ... , Viola betonicifolia (25.99) in Gaddikhana forest range and Pilea umbrosa (35.93) in 6 th mile beat respectively. The Berger parker index and evenness index were found to be highest for Viola surpense , Fragaria nubicola, Pilea umbrosa in site I, II, III and IV respectively. The soil characteristics of the four study sites revealed alkaline nature of soil in Rambhi and Rangiroom beat and acidic nature of soil in Gadhikhana and 6 th mile beat. The organic carbon % were found to be higher 112 in the first two studied sites than the next two sites. Therefore ,proper management and conservative measures needs to be implemented for conservation of bioresources in Senchel wildlife Sanctuary of West Bengal, India.
doi:10.5296/jee.v4i1.2666 fatcat:2d5airfdirekhnlnbbcmd6wpqe