Survey of Canvas Awning Fabricators

Bureau Of Agricultural Economics
1952 unpublished
Excerpts from the report Introduction: In view of the interest of the Department of Agriculture in details of the textile economy, this study was suggested as an instrument for documenting a general impression of one segment of the textile field. It is hoped that the survey will provide some new guides in the sphere of marketing efficiency and will suggest specific areas that appear to require technological research. At the time the study was conducted in the summer of 1950, the abnormal
more » ... the abnormal industrial and military demand for cotton duck which existed during World War II and its immediate aftermath had decreased considerably. This decrease was beginning to be reflected to producers in a lessened demand for the product. One reason for studying this industry is the fact that among the non-military users of cotton duck, fabricators of awnings stand out as substantial consumers in terms of linear yards. This linear measure is of particular importance because most duck used by these fabricators is a relatively heavy fabric and, therefore, uses more cotton per linear measure than many other cotton fabrics.
doi:10.22004/ag.econ.309850 fatcat:255m35ih5fakvjc6f743ichepm