Recent Advances in Solving the Protein Threading Problem [article]

Rumen Andonov, Jean-François Gibrat, Nikola Yanev
2007 arXiv   pre-print
The fold recognition methods are promissing tools for capturing the structure of a protein by its amino acid residues sequence but their use is still restricted by the needs of huge computational resources and suitable efficient algorithms as well. In the recent version of FROST (Fold Recognition Oriented Search Tool) package the most efficient algorithm for solving the Protein Threading Problem (PTP) is implemented due to the strong collaboration between the SYMBIOSE group in IRISA and MIG in
more » ... ouy-en-Josas. In this paper, we present the diverse components of FROST, emphasizing on the recent advances in formulating and solving new versions of the PTP and on the way of solving on a computer cluster a million of instances in a easonable time.
arXiv:0707.3750v2 fatcat:hh3s2ztm2jg5zezxarwulzjr3m