A source of 2 terawatt, 2.7 cycle laser pulses based on noncollinear optical parametric chirped pulse amplification

S. Witte, R. Th. Zinkstok, A. L. Wolf, W. Hogervorst, W. Ubachs, K. S. E. Eikema
2006 Optics Express  
We demonstrate a noncollinear optical parametric chirped pulse amplifier system that produces 7.6 fs pulses with a peak power of 2 terawatt at 30 Hz repetition rate. Using an ultra-broadband Ti:Sapphire seed oscillator and grating-based stretching and compression combined with an LCD phase-shaper, we amplify a 310 nm wide spectrum with a total gain of 3×10 7 , and compress it within 5% of its Fourier limit. The total integrated parametric fluorescence is kept below 0.2%, leading to a pre-pulse
more » ... ing to a pre-pulse contrast of 2 ×10 −8 on picosecond timescales.
doi:10.1364/oe.14.008168 pmid:19529189 fatcat:m5tls7sfwjejxajzmwono6xwdu