Three cases of fracture of the fibula

E. H. Bennett
1895 Transactions of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland  
WITHIN the last t,vo years I have had under my care in hospital three cases of injury of the ankle-joint, similar in kind and differing from each other only in the degree of dislocation of the joint, and in the time which elapsed in each case between the occurrence of the accidents ,vhich produced the dislocations and their presentation at hospital for treatment. The details of the fracture of the fibula which was present in each were exactly the same. The accidents that produced them were,
more » ... uced them were, respectively, a twist of the foot when alighting on the ground after jumping from a fence; tripping in a mowing machine by which the foot 'vas fixed, while the body of the patient fell forwards over the machine; and lastly, a fall down a flight of stairs while carrying a heavy pail of water. In all three the patients found themselves unable to use the limb immediately after the injury, and had to be carried to bed without attenlpting to put the injured limbs in use. It is not possible in accidents of this kind always to determinẽ Tith exactness the quality of the wrench of the ankle which produced the fracture, but the inspection of a series of pathological specimens cOlubined with clinical study, I think, removes all doubt as to their mechanism. I shall read the notes of only one of my caHes in detail. M. H. Q., aged fifty, was admitted to hospital on February 2nd, }895, with a malunited fracture of the lower end of the left fibula.
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