Draft Genome Sequences of a Bacillus subtilis Strain, a Bacillus velezensis Strain, a Paenibacillus Strain, and an Acinetobacter baumannii Strain, All Isolated from the Phyllosphere of Lactuca sativa or Solanum lycopersicum

Claudia Y. Muñoz, Anne de Jong, Oscar P. Kuipers, David A. Baltrus
2021 Microbiology Resource Announcements  
Four strains isolated from tomato and lettuce phyllosphere were sequenced in order to investigate the presence of novel antimicrobial gene clusters and to get a better understanding of plant microbe interactions. These strains comprise two Bacillus strains, one Paenibacillus strain, and one Acinetobacter strain.
doi:10.1128/mra.01092-20 pmid:33509984 fatcat:5q2qf7a3pneplhlczt572urkku