2. Experimental study of mandibular ramus elongation with vertical ramus osteotomy : Influence of the masseter-medial pterygoid muscle sling to the lesser segment
2. 下顎枝垂直骨切り術による下顎枝延長に関する実験研究 : 咬筋内側翼突筋筋束輪が小骨片に与える影響(第 59 回九州歯科学会総会講演抄録)

Keisuke Hanada, Kazuhiro Tominaga, Soichi Hirashima, Masashi Tsuyama, Jinichi Fukuda, Hyun Ho Chang, Choong Kook Yi
1999 The Journal of the Kyushu Dental Society  
To clarify the effects of zinc on bone in 漉 o ,5 − week − 01d Wistar rats corresponding to childhood in humans were devided into 4 groups . Control group was fed on standard − diet and orally administered o 夏 ive on . Experimental groups were fed on low − zinc − , standard − and high − zinc − diet respectively , and orally administered 1α DH − D3 dissolved in olive oil. The experimental period was for 4 weeks . 1α 一 〇H − D , is a synthetic analogue , which seems to be rapidly converted to 1 ,
more » ... ( OH ) 2D3 in vivo . The tibial metaphyses were observed by TEA4 / . Compared with the controL group . the standard − diet十 VDs group showed increased active osteoblasts and young osteocytes . Gap junctions were more often observed in the high− zinc − diet十 VD , group than those in the standard − diet十 VD3 group . Compared with any other group , the low − zinc − diet 十 VD3 group showed decreased active osteoblasts and young osteQcytes , increased relatively inactive osteob 且 asts and mature osteocytes , and osteoclasts . These results suggested that zinc could enhance the effects of 1 , 25( OH ) ,D , on tibial metaphyses of growing rats . 2 ,下
doi:10.2504/kds.53.721_2 fatcat:lrj4kqwtqbaxvizwpizwuk4c2q