Ultrahigh-density silicon nanobridges formed between two vertical silicon surfaces

M Saif Islam, S Sharma, T I Kamins, R Stanley Williams
2004 Nanotechnology  
We report simultaneous lateral growth of a high density of highly oriented, metal-catalyzed silicon nanowires on a patterned silicon substrate and bridging of nanowires between two vertical silicon sidewalls, which can be developed into electrodes of an electronic device. After angled deposition of catalytic metal nanoparticles on one of two opposing vertical silicon surfaces, we used a metal-catalyzed chemical vapour deposition process to grow nanowires and eventually form mechanically robust
more » ... nanobridges'. The growth and bridging of these nanowire arrays can be integrated with existing silicon processes. This method of connecting multiple nanowires between two electrodes offers the high surface-to-volume ratio needed for nanosensor applications.
doi:10.1088/0957-4484/15/5/l01 fatcat:w5oatgxyu5ceff6jexyq33tdo4