Epitaxial Growth of Gypsum(CaSO4・2H2O)on the Hydroxyapatite
Hydroxyapatiteを基盤とするCaSO4・2H2O結晶のepitaxial growthについて

Kozo UMEMOTO, Fumitoshi YAMANE, Akira YAMANAKA, Yutaka DOI, Yutaka MORIWAKI
1986 The Journal of the Japanese Society for Dental Materials and Devices  
Keyword l Gypsum , Epitaxial growth , Hydroxyapatite To confirmed that CaSO4 ・ 2H20 can grow epitaxiallyon hydroxyapatite crystals , the crystals were introduced into metastable sollltions of calcium sulfate supersaturated with respect to CaSO4 ・ 2H20, Upon introduction of the crystals , sol ution calcium concentration decreased , This 且nding strongly suggests that CaSO4 ・ 2H20 precipitates directly on hydroxyapatite crystals , in − dicating that the crystals are a excellent nucleator for CaSO4
more » ... ・ 2H20. Transmission electron micrographs of reaction solids confirmed that CaSO4 ・ 2H20 crystals growed epitaxially on hydroxyapatite crystals .
doi:10.18939/jjdm.5.4_485 fatcat:x5dtyl3tyjbt5mnoxsxrsjkkxi