Manners and Traits of the Ancient Egyptians during the New Kingdom

Hebatallah Abdou
2020 Journal of Association of Arab Universities for Tourism and Hospitality  
ARTICLE INFO Abstract The research focuses on some traits that reflect the core of the social life in ancient Egypt. The chosen sample was the New kingdom community of Deir el-Madina. It is taken as an example as it is considered a comprehensive community, which provides us with various source evidences that explain the relations between the villagers and their behaviours. This study discussed different traits, and qualities, and a mix between good and bad manners. These traits were clear in
more » ... ts concerning villager's problems in Deir el-Madina. The main aim is to illustrate the complete picture of the community way of thinking and the social life in ancient Egypt. The manners which are discussed here are: fear, jealousy, hatred, greediness, laziness, disobedience and rebelliousness of these villagers. These manners were discussed through sources found on both papyri and ostraca from Deir el-Madina.
doi:10.21608/jaauth.2020.29929.1007 fatcat:4b62b3p62nepfmo4coavuopeky