The Developmental Transition of Rohrer-Index

Souichi Ichimura
1969 Taiikugaku kenkyu (Japan Journal of Physical Education Health and Sport Sciences)  
, male and fernale , were estirnated . And the devel 。 pmental transition of the mean scere of R − lndex at each level of height fmm eight . years old to eighty years old was ◎onsidered . The fo 皇 10wings were presented as the results . 1) Dur 量 ng childhood and middle adolegcent ages where the body development regular the higher the estimated me 肌 score of R − lndex is at tbe lower lleight . During 止 e preadoles ・ nt ages where tke development is a ・ celerated the estimbed me ・ n soore of R −
more » ... ndex i310wer at the highest and the lowe8t Ievels of height , and the highest mean soore is appeared at a m 至 dd猛 e le 鴨 監αf height . 2 ) Considering the mean scores of R − lndex depend on the levels Of heigh ち the traditional standard of the ab αluation of f 画taess and thinness taking ( the mean of weight ) + ( 出 e mean of height ) 3 as the standard 8core of a gmup is improper. The table of the 8tand 蹠 1 score of R − Index at each level of height is presented . 3 ) It is f(}und that ・ n the 。 ontinuem ・ f beight th¢ 祀 are such specific POints . abOve where the dewu )且 ・ pment 。f height is m ・re facihtated than weight and below where the devd・ pment ・ fweight is m ・ re 」 Facilitated than hight with ・ ut distinction of age .
doi:10.5432/jjpehss.kj00003396654 fatcat:qvxq3sdf2fhd3ifznxon4yzs5y