Agricultural Inventions

1886 Scientific American  
Jeitutifie �mtri'llU. ENGINEERING INVENTIONS. A split gear has been patented by Mr. A boiler flue cleaner has been patented James Lawlor, of Fall River, Mass. Combined with a by Mr. James M. Ferguson, of New Orleans, La. The flanged hub are two or more wheel sections bolted on nozzle has a central aperture in its disk portion, with an the flange, the sections having side recesses for receiv. mner tubular extension, arouud which is an annular ing the flange, the wheel being readily fastened on
more » ... space opening through the disk portion, and connecting I removed from a shaft without reqniring the removal of with a steam cham her of the nozzle. whereby the flue other wheels and pulley@. cleaner is operated to remove dirt and soot and prevent A safety stirrup has been patented by the formation of scale. Mr. Henry Coates, of Newark, N. J. It has a pivoted A slide valve has been patented by Mr. guard to prevent the foot from entering too far into the William Mitchell, of Altoona Pa. It Iuts a central ex . stirrup, the latter being made in one piece and the en· haust chamber, and the steam ' inlet port is formed clear tIre guard in one piece, avoiding the necessity of seve· through the body of the valve, the tops or outer edges ral castings, while there is no need of a spring to hold of the side bars of the valve at each side of the exhaust the guard against the stirrup. chamljer standiugbackof the plane of the contact faces A bobbin for sewing machines has been of the chamber walls which form the valve face, so as patented by Mr. William W. Ford, of Elmira, N. Y. It partly to equalize the pressure at both sides of the valve has one loose head, with a spring to engage therewith and reduce its length of travel and lock it closed on the barrel, to catch and hold the
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican01021886-10a fatcat:hkz3znyrsvbejb5jnbxhhiyy2a