Thermoelectric Power Measurement of Gel Grown Strontium Oxalate Crystals

Paresh Vasantlal Dalal
2017 IOSR Journal of Applied Physics  
Thermo Electric Power (TEP) measurement of gel grown strontium oxalate crystals was carried out. Different parameters such as Fermi energy and mode of scattering were calculated. To calculate Fermi energy and scattering parameter of a material, a graph of Seebeck coefficient(S) versus reciprocal of temperature difference (1/ΔT) is plotted. The slope of the graph is 26.92 mV and intercept is 0.179 mV/K, and hence Fermi energy, E F = 0.027 eV. Scattering parameter has calculated 0.425. The
more » ... ental value obtained for A = 2.075 is in well agreement to conclude that the conduction of heat in the material may be due to the lattice or phonons and can be associated with lattice or phonon scattering.
doi:10.9790/4861-0904013436 fatcat:kmxnpogfurbshpr2vyguxu32jy