Isolat Bakteri Asam Laktat Sebagai Probiotik dengan Vaksinasi AI dan ND dalam Pembentukan Titer Antibodi Dan Bobot Badan Ayam Jantan Tipe Medium

Rudy Sutrisna
2017 Jurnal Penelitian Pertanian Terapan  
Isolates of Lactic Acid Bacteria isolates assembled into a mixture of LAB as probiotics . LAB probiotic drops introduced through the mouth with the aim of suppressing pathogens and is expected to improve the health status of rooster type of medium . Isolates in the digestive tract will undergo adaptation by temperature , acidity and pH changes in the gut . The health status of the chicken can be expressed as growth to form the body weight , and the growth of LAB . In addition , AI and ND
more » ... , AI and ND vaccination in healthy chickens conditions will produce antibodies to both . The success of vaccination can be evaluated from the results of the formation of chicken blood serum titre of research . Analysis of descriptive data on the dynamics of the growth of LAB , the formation of antibody titer and body weight gain 24-31 day old chickens . Based on the results of this study revealed that isolates of LAB can be used simultaneously in bercoccidiostat feed . LAB isolates may develop in the digestive tract rooster medium type as probiotics. The dynamics of the growth of a population produces a mixture of isolates of LAB isolates (mixture of B1, B3, B4, B5 as probiotics) in the highest reaches of the ilium and jejunum 14.00 x 10-6 13.5 x 10-6 CFU/ml. Test isolates viability of probiotic candidates in all isolates produced distilled water medium can live up to 72 hours of incubation . In addition, there is a synergy results in the formation of antibody titers ND uniform T3 treatment. T3 treatment is given probiotics 2x chicken every week for 3 weeks . In AI vaccination resulted in antibody titers are not uniform. Body weight gain reached the age of 24-31 days in a row 75.83 g, 76.54 g, 81.58 g, 87.04 g. Weight age of 31 days the average value obtained successively from the highest 329.16 g, 328.54 g, 325.54 g and 324.08 g lowest . Keywords; isolates LAB, probiotics, antibody titers, rooster layer medium type.
doi:10.25181/jppt.v14i2.150 fatcat:psk553u7jnbqdnrts6banyboaa