Christ Preaching to the Spirits in Prison

R. Gordon Balfour
1896 Expository Times  
356 great that we nrake the evidence we cannot find. But, granting the personal element, it is possible to find all movement in this one direction, and it is mostly a matter of patience and faith who shall find it. Dr. Grattan Guinness has both faith and patience. It is no new enterprise with him. To this his life has been given ; and he has found that this study of Christ in the midst is a heaven on earth to him, an earnest of that fulness of truth and joy, when, following the eyes of all the
more » ... he eyes of all the redeemed in heaven, his eyes also shall look, and lo ! in the midst a Lamb as it had been slain ! WHAT a strange fascination there is about the difficult texts of Scripture! How many, for example, have exercised their wits in the attempt to put a feasible interpretation on i Peter iii. 18-20 ! Let us hope that the motive has been higher than that which leads men to waste their time and ingenuity upon a Chinese puzzle. Is it not rather a conviction that if we could only place ourselves in the position of the writer, we should not find his words so hard to be understood, and that if we could only ascertain his
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