Bringing Together Industry and Academia via Graduate Commercial Spaceflight Operations Curriculum

Bradley W. Cheetham, Juliana Feldhacker, Jonathan Herman, George H. Born
2014 SpaceOps 2014 Conference   unpublished
A graduate level curriculum covering topics in commercial spaceflight operations has been developed at the University of Colorado at Boulder. This paper outlines the high level insights gained through this process with the explicit objective of enabling dissemination to other institutions of higher education. Furthermore, several synergistic areas in the domains of technology, business, and operations have been identified that are benefiting from collaboration between industry and academia.
more » ... y and academia. Continued efforts in these areas are expected to produce innovation and improved technological solutions for the space industry. Nomenclature The focus of the curriculum is commercial activities; however, it would be naive to ignore the extensive experience and body of knowledge generated by government space activities. While some commercial activities seek to specifically streamline operations to avoid pitfalls of government spaceflight operations, the combined activities from governments across the globe in both military and civil space are crucial components of this curriculum. In many cases, this interaction with government entities is obvious, as is the case when government entities serve as the regulator of spaceflight operations or when they serve as direct customers to commercial providers. Going further, there is much experience in the realm of operations resident within government institutions, and this resource is considered intricately relevant to commercial spaceflight operations. While fusing experiences and information from commercial and government sources provides an extensive background for a curriculum, the efforts described in this paper are further enhanced by including relevant academic experience and research. Bringing together commercial, government, and academic perspectives and strengths allows for a well-rounded comprehension of spaceflight operations and provides a capable platform to research and understand relevant issues and constraints spanning all spaceflight operations. Broadly speaking, the objectives of the Commercial Spaceflight Operations curriculum development effort are to educate students and facilitate collaboration between academic, governmental, and commercial entities.
doi:10.2514/6.2014-1872 fatcat:budjjzzi35eiplebnth2cxcsi4