A New Scheduling Algorithm for Shortening Response Time of Static Priority Task

Takaharu Suzuki, Kiyofumi Tanaka
2022 ECTI Transactions on Computer and Information Technology  
In scheduling algorithms based on the Rate Monotonic (RM) method which are widely used in development of real-time systems, tasks with shorter periods have higher priorities. In contrast, ones with longer periods are likely to suffer from increased response times and jitter due to their lower priorities. We propose an Execution Right Delegation (ERD) method based on RM where a high-priority server for particular (or important) task is introduced to shorten response time and jitter of the task.
more » ... n the evaluation, it is confirmed that response times and jitter of a particular (important) task are reduced. We also show Response Time Analysis (RTA), which assures worst-case response time of the task. This paper shows the algorithm and RTA of ERD and evaluates it by comparing it to a Deadline Monotonic method. The evaluation by simulation shows that ERD can reduce the average worst-case response time by 13.45% at maximum compared to the Deadline Monotonic scheduling. In addition, we confirm that the RTA provides a worst-case response time close to the simulation results.
doi:10.37936/ecticit.2022162.245352 fatcat:pjl4amh5cbegfh7k4d7ypupzom