Prediction of Sludge Reduction of Polymerized-organic-Al-Zn-Fe (POAZF) Coagulant

Fu Ying, Wang Yanzheng
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 AASRI International Conference on Circuits and Systems   unpublished
A new coagulant of polymerized-organic-Al-Zn-Fe (POAZF) was prepared using a galvanized aluminum slag and polyacrylamide (PAM) as raw materials. Sludge reduction of POAZF was probed compared to that of poly-Al-Zn-Fe (PAZF) and poly-aluminum-chloride (PAC). The results showed that the settling speed of flocs of POAZF was much greater than that both PAZF and PAC. The volume reduction ratio of wet sludge (VRRWS) of POAZF was fitted in polynomial mode to predict VRRWS. The fitting precision of
more » ... g precision of VRRWS achieved by POAZF between the test data and fitting data at both higher dosage and lower or medium dosage within the settling time of 15 min was high, which is significant for sludge production and VRRWS in the actual wastewater treatment processes.
doi:10.2991/cas-15.2015.13 fatcat:cijgulqepvgxvjllthjyazghrm