Iridium/Graphene Nanostructured Catalyst for the N-Alkylation of Amines to Synthesize Nitrogen-containing Derivatives and Heterocyclic Compounds [post]

Tsun-Ren Chen, Yu-Tung Chen, Yen-Hsing Lin, Hao-Chen Wang
2021 unpublished
A facile iridium/graphene-catalyzed methodology providing an efficient synthetic route for C-N bond formation is reported. This catalyst can directly promote the formation of C-N bonds, without pre-activation steps, and without solvents, alkalis and other additives. This protocol provides a direct N -alkylation of amines using a variety of primary and secondary alcohols with good selectivity and excellent yields. Charmingly, the use of diols resulted in intermolecular cyclization of amines, and
more » ... such products are privileged structures in biologically active compounds. Two examples illustrate the advantages of this catalyst in organic synthesis: the tandem catalysis to synthesize hydroxyine, and the intermolecular cyclyzation to synthesize cyclizine. Water is the only by-product, which makes this catalytic process sustainable and environmentally friendly.
doi:10.20944/preprints202111.0128.v1 fatcat:2m4jvv37ffem3e7xyriofxidj4