A tangible user interface for assessing cognitive mapping ability

Ehud Sharlin, Benjamin Watson, Steve Sutphen, Lili Liu, Robert Lederer, John Frazer
2009 International Journal of Human-Computer Studies  
Wayfinding, the ability to recall the environment and navigate through it, is an essential cognitive skill relied upon almost every day in a person's life. A crucial component of wayfinding is the construction of cognitive maps, mental representations of the environments through which a person travels. Age, disease or injury can severely affect cognitive mapping, making assessment of this basic survival skill particularly important to clinicians and therapists. Cognitive mapping has also been
more » ... e focus of decades of basic research by cognitive psychologists. Both communities have evolved a number of techniques for assessing cognitive mapping ability. We present the Cognitive Map Probe (CMP), a new computerized tool for assessment of cognitive mapping ability that increases consistency and promises improvements in flexibility, accessibility, sensitivity and control. The CMP uses a tangible user interface that affords spatial manipulation. We describe the design of the CMP, and find that it is sensitive to factors known to affect cognitive mapping performance in extensive experimental testing. r
doi:10.1016/j.ijhcs.2008.09.014 fatcat:bfs7omfyfret7bygvcfx7wvhxi