Tablet PC Destekli Fen Ve Teknoloji Dersine Yönelik Öğrenci Velilerinin Tutumları

2013 Turkish Studies  
In this research, in order to determine the attitudes of parents of primary school students in fourth and fifth grade toward tablet pc supported science and technology courses, the development of valid and reliable likert-type attitude scale and the determination of the attitudes of parents of students in that scale are aimed. Existing scales examined during the development of the scale and the basis of these studies original attitudes were determined and the draft scale was established. The
more » ... established. The validity and reliability studies of draft scale were done by applying to 134 parents of students who are studying in fourth and fifth grade in the schools where located in the city center of Usak. The scope validity of draft scale based with expert opinions. For construct validity, factor analysis was conducted. Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin value of the items in the scale was 0.84 and Bartlett's test of significance value was found to 0.00. Cronbach's alpha reliability coefficient of the scale was found to be 0.88. Scale, 12 positive, 10 negative and has a total of 22 substances. The scale which was developed after all these steps, applied to 27 experiment, 27 control and a total of 54 parents of students in the Yasar Akar primary school of Usak province. Science and technology courses are processed by conventional methods to students in the control group while the students in the experimental group was treated with the support of the tablet pc and smart boards. In the research, the descriptive model is used and the datas obtained from the scale were analysed by SPSS 17 package software. To determine the significance of the datas frequency distribution was used. The t-test and Wilcoxon signed rank test were used for pairwise comparisons, for more than two comparisons one way variant analysis was used. To determine the relationship between demographic characteristics and questions, Pearson moments correlation product analysis was applied. At the end of the study it is determined that parents of students who are in the experimental group identified the tablet pc usage in the courses beneficial in terms of trainer, applicability in the schools and student performance at the level of ineligibility. In addition, the attitudes of parents of students who are studying with the support of tablet pc were found to be positive and significant increase in level in favour of the experimental group.
doi:10.7827/turkishstudies.5396 fatcat:vv2nfanqy5dtfixlzpayz2qcca