On rank-width of even-hole-free graphs [article]

Isolde Adler, Ngoc Khang Le, Haiko Müller, Marko Radovanović, Nicolas Trotignon, Kristina Vušković
2017 arXiv   pre-print
We present a class of (diamond, even hole)-free graphs with no clique cutset that has unbounded rank-width. In general, even-hole-free graphs have unbounded rank-width, because chordal graphs are even-hole-free. A.A. da Silva, A. Silva and C. Linhares-Sales (2010) showed that planar even-hole-free graphs have bounded rank-width, and N.K. Le (2016) showed that even-hole-free graphs with no star cutset have bounded rank-width. A natural question is to ask, whether even-hole-free graphs with no
more » ... que cutsets have bounded rank-width. Our result gives a negative answer. Hence we cannot apply Courcelle and Makowsky's meta-theorem which would provide efficient algorithms for a large number of problems, including the maximum independent set problem, whose complexity remains open for (diamond, even hole)-free graphs.
arXiv:1611.09907v2 fatcat:hgtsktipz5gytac7dkcjlz62le