Tractor ROPS and Stability Research: Introduction to this Special Issue

2016 Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health  
gricultural production has clearly benefited from the development of the tractor. The tractor provides a traction device and mobile power source. However, operating large equipment with high clearance on uneven ground leads to stability and overturn issues. Around the world, tractor overturns are still a leading cause of agricultural production fatalities. This special issue of the Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health focuses on recent research on tractor ROPS (rollover protective
more » ... protective structures) and stability. Engineers and scientists in both Italy and the U.S. have been working on these topics, attempting to solve old problems and address rising issues. Understanding the factors leading to tractor instability, investigating the structures protecting the operator, and examining the continuous roll potential will all lead to increased operator protection and reduced fatalities.
doi:10.13031/jash.22.12127 pmid:29140628 fatcat:rasdapjkh5cgxgriip6exzyohi