Transcription factor CTCF and mammalian genome organization

E. S. Kotova, S. B. Akopov, E. D. Sverdlov, L. G. Nikolaev
2014 Biopolymers and Cell  
The CTCF transcription factor is thought to be one of the main participants in various gene regulatory networks including transcription activation and repression, formation of independently functioning chromatin domains, regulation of imprinting etc. Sequencing of human and other genomes opened up a possibility to ascertain the genomic distribution of CTCF binding sites and to identify CTCF-dependent cis-regulatory elements, including insulators. In the review, we summarized recent data on CTCF
more » ... recent data on CTCF functioning within a framework of the chromatin loop domain hypothesis of large-scale regulation of the genome activity. Its fundamental properties allow CTCF to serve as a transcription factor, an insulator protein and a dispersed genome-wide demarcation tool able to recruit various factors that emerge in response to diverse external and internal signals, and thus to exert its signal-specific function(s).
doi:10.7124/bc.00089f fatcat:toozrhgexvbepnitsjgx4b4iie