Improvement of Public Governance by Olof Palme and his Historical Ideological Heritage (30 years after the assassination of Palme in Stockholm)

Arvydas Guogis, Vincas Rakšnys
2016 Regional Formation and Development Studies  
35 I m p r o v e m e n t o f p u b l I c G o v e r n a n c e b y o l o f pa l m e a n d h I s h I s t o r I c a l I d e o l o G I c a l h e r I ta G e ( 3 0 y e a r s a f t e r t h e a s s a s s I n at I o n o f pa l m e I n s t o c k h o l m ) AbstRAct the essence of the "swedish socialism" created in the 20 th century lies in "democratic functional socialism". During the last 30 years, even after having refused part of its elements, it remains the foundation of the swedish welfare state, and
more » ... istorically the name of the "swedish socialism" is mostly related to the famous swedish and global figure of the smart political powers, social democrat Olof Palme. the article reviews the features of the biography of Olof Palme and his both theoretical and practical activity opting for social justice and by creating a welfare state in sweden by the means of "democratic functional socialism". Olof Palme was also an advocate of human rights and freedoms, neutrality of small countries, an international mediator, an advocate of nuclear disarmament policy and a severe critic of neo-liberal ideas.
doi:10.15181/rfds.v19i2.1281 fatcat:zzmdlyjjpvcxrfihqte6mxfueq