Formación en economía social y solidaria. Análisis de la oferta universitaria española

David Flores Ruiz, Carmen Guzmán Alonso, María de la O Barroso González
2015 Revista de Estudios Cooperativos  
This research analyses the importance of the training for the promotion of the social economy in two ways: 1) focusing on the characteristics of the educational offer of Social Economy and 2) analyzing its differences regarding to those studies from the Management, entrepreneurship, and innovations areas. To this aim, it is carried out as a first step a literature review of the contributions that study the relationships that can exist between the education and Economy. Then, being based on this
more » ... being based on this previous analysis, we already center our research on the Social Economy sector and its relations with the education system. To get this objective, it has been developed a database that includes all the postgraduate titles related to the Economics area. Likewise, a questionnaire has been designed with the aim of characterize the training in social Economy. As a conclusion, it is obtained that the training in social economy in postgraduate studies in the Spanish Universities is very poor. On the other hand, there are significant differences between Social Economy degrees and Business Management, entrepreneurship and innovation degrees with regard to different aspects such as: values to transmit, competencies, skills, the way of understanding the Economy, etc. Based on these conclusions, different recommendations are proposed in order to promote and boost this other way of doing Economy through the training and education in postgraduate studies. Podría decirse que la educación, es decir, la institución educativa, tiene un marcado carácter socio-político, ya que su configuración va a determinar, influir y modelizar a la sociedad en la que se inserta. No es, por tanto, una institución neutra y ajena a la propia sociedad. No es una institución natural que nadie puede cuestionar, por lo que su
doi:10.5209/rev_reve.2016.v121.49703 fatcat:7rw3kukyazforbeiumkkdlal7m