Podmínky transportu a akumulace sedimentů v člověkem ovlivněných korytech beskydských toků: příkladová studie soutoku řeky Morávky a Mohelnice

Václav Škarpich, Tomáš Galia, Jan Hradecký
2012 Geologické výzkumy na Moravě a ve Slezsku  
Th is paper summarizes results of grain-size distribution of gravel bars and transport conditions in the context of sediment sources in the confl uence area of the Morávka and Mohelnice rivers (Moravskoslezské Beskydy Mts). We deal with a hypothesis that ge neral changes of grain-size distribution of gravel bars are controlled by disconnection in sediment fl ux in the Morávka River and, by contrast, that higher sediment delivery is related to the Mohelnice river basin. Th e second focus is the
more » ... valuation of fl uvial transport parameters of a channel infl uenced by control works and sediment mining. Bed load transport research was conducted with the application of BAGS (Bedload Assessment for Gravel-bed Streams) spreadsheet-based program. Sediment analysis of the channel confl uence showed limited sediment supply character indicated by coarser sediment delivery from the Morávka River. Th is fact is related to the eff ect of hungry water caused mainly by the Morávka Reservoir. On the other hand, the Mohelnice River displayed trends of relatively higher sediment delivery without potential disconnectivities in sediment fl ux. Results of this analysis brought an insight into a potential scheme of the future development of the studied reaches. We suppose preservation of recent trends in case of the occurrence of signifi cant changes in land use or watershed management.
doi:10.5817/gvms2012-1-2-053 fatcat:bj7gnvcwxvfsflilg2cqx4xot4